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Recession helps New York artist

Recession helps artist
(01:42) Rough Cut (Reuters Video)

Peter Zonis Website,

Apr 9 - A New York street painter gets the chance to exhibit his work due to recession-themed art that features coins and dollars falling from the sky in front of the New York Stock Exchange.
The recession may have given New York artist Peter Zonis just the break he needed.
For a decade, Zonis been showcasing his art on the street but recently a series of his large-scale recession-themed paintings called "Metropolis Now" has gone on exhibit in the lobby of the Durst Organization building in midtown Manhattan.
Until now, Zonis was selling his oil pastels from a sidewalk outside Barney's, an upscale department store on famed Madison Avenue. The paintings in the Durst exhibition are larger than his usual pieces.
The paintings sell for about $500 to $10,000, and well-known buyers have included former baseball star Reggie Jackson and television host Pat O'Brien.

(SOUNDBITE) (English) PETER ZONIS, ARTIST: "I just wanted to turn a negative into a positive and by doing these paintings that it would somehow give people more hope and a solution to what was happening. That this was just going to be a period of time that would pass."
"When this all started to happen rather than doing a painting like I had already done of the bull where it was located, I thought maybe from a good luck point-of-view I could reposition the bull, bring it right in front of the New York Stock Exchange and just take more risks with the painting and create - I mean it's. It's basically - what it is, is a cash give-away."

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Paintings seized by the Nazis from Jewish family during the Holocaust are returned to their rightful owners

Seized paintings returned
(01:24) Report Reuters Video
Apr 11 - Paintings seized by the Nazis from Jewish family during the Holocaust are returned to their rightful owners.
Basmah Fahim reports.

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A Certain State of the World? at Garage CCC in Moscow

Exhibition: A Certain State of the World? at the Garage CCC in Moscow

The Garage Center for Contemporary Culture (GCCC Moscow)
, (the website is in Russian)
A Crash Course in Contemporary Art at Garage
The exhibition runs until the 15th of June
(Source Moscow Times)
30 March 2009 By Max Seddon / Special to The Moscow Times
In uncertain times for art and the world at large, nothing is safe from speculation and doubt -- but doubt is not a word you associate with Francois Pinault. The 73-year-old's portfolio includes, luxury brands from Gucci to Yves Saint Laurent, a 100% stake in Christie's, the Chateau-Latour vineyard in Bordeaux and a palace in Venice to display his colossal art collection. This collection contains well over 2,500 works, many of them large, unwieldy objects and installations from which innumerable exhibitions could be made.

The new show from his stable at Garage CCC titled "A Certain State of the World?" doesn't stray from superlatives either. With 44 works by 33 artists, including heavyweights like Cindy Sherman, Mauricio Cattelan and Jeff Koons, it is the largest contemporary art exhibition ever to come to Moscow.

True, as with the Ilya Kabakov retrospective that inaugurated Garage in September, the first thing that strikes the viewer is the sheer size of the 8,500-meter building. But where Kabakov's "Alternative History of Art" was basically an exhibition-as-installation plonked in the middle of the space like a big red box, curator Caroline Bourgeois worked closely with architects to expose the old, red brick walls and dazzling glass-and-metal ceiling. "We had a shock when we came here, it was really extremely beautiful," she explained. "We said not to hide the space -- we didn't want to put walls in front of the viewer."

Her thematic survey of the last ten years' worth of contemporary art is as impressive as only a show on this scale can be. It begins with Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley's "Sod and Sodie Sock Comp. O.S.O.", which takes up roughly an eighth of the whole garage on its own and nearly all of the first section, "War."

GCCC Moscow
McCarthy and Kelley's installation takes up almost an eighth of the exhibit.


( Pictures) The opening of the most important exhibition of international contemporary art ever staged in Moscow, taking over most of the 8,500 square metres of Dasha Zhukova's art gallery, The Garage (GCCC Moscow). 'A Certain State of the World?', curated by Caroline Bourgeois, offers the chance to see a selection of works from François Pinault's private art collection normally housed in the Palazzo Grassi in Venice. Determined not to let the recession dampen the opening party, Zhukova, girlfriend of the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, said: "The Moscow public needs, in a way, an introduction to contemporary art and doing a group show like this is a great stepping stone to that," she said. "The Garage will go on."
Among those who made the trip to Moscow for the opening were artists Jeff Koons and Francesco Vezzoli, both of whom have work in the exhibition. Koons's 3 metre-high chromium-plated 'Hanging Heart' is one of the highlights of the exhibition; one of five uniquely coloured versions, the magenta version sold in 2007 for $23.6 million, a record at the time for a work by a living artist. Also on show are works by Indian artist Subodh Gupta, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Y Z Kami and Maurizio Cattelan.

François Pinault Foundation for Contemporary Art

Art (New York Times Permalink)
Russian and Rich: Art’s New Tastemaker
By CAROL VOGEL Published: August 17, 2008
Dasha Zhukova’s new art center in Moscow and her connections have made her an art-world It Girl overnight.

Sketch it Out Exhibition at the APW Gallery

Sketch it Out Exhibition at the APW Gallery

Since the opening of APW Gallery in March 2008 in NYC's Lower East Side APW gallery has grown with its artist. APW has done a number of shows and exhibitions housing artist from all over NYC and the world. APW is a very diverse group and its shows showcase this diversity and style while producing the inner artist in everyone who comes in contact. We are currently preparing to house 5,000 square feet of APW's best.

In March 2009, Long Island City will get a taste of APW and its prodigies. We here at APW Gallery welcome anyone with any artistic talent or preference to join us at our shows, exhibitions, and now even our brand new store in the gallery itself. Join our mailing list so you can stay up-to-date with all APW happens year round! We hope to see you soon at APW Gallery ….Where anything can be art!

APW Gallery

Sponsored by Absolute Arts,

Davis Lisboa,

Sketch it Out-Artists, PDF with list of Artist, Download

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Vervoering tijdens de Larense atelierroute 2009!

Persbericht Atelierroute Laren, 2009

Vervoering tijdens de Larense atelierroute!
Op 16 en 17 mei 2009 vindt wederom de atelierroute in kunstenaarsdorp Laren plaats. Ruim 37 Larense kunstenaars zetten in dit lustrumweekend de deuren van hun ateliers open voor bezoekers. Laat u in vervoering brengen tijdens de atelierroute Laren en bezoek de ateliers gratis met paard en wagen of in een oldtimer. Laat u daarbij verrassen door de special op locatie gemaakte straatkunst die tijdens die route te zien is.

Dit jaar bestaat de succesvolle route 5 jaar. De belangstelling voor dit artistiek spektakel is inmiddels overweldigend te noemen. Vanaf het startpunt op de Brink leidt de route langs talrijke lommerrijke paden van Laren. Door het dorp verspreid liggen de ateliers die hierin de bezielde verbindingspunten vormen. Geïnteresseerden kunnen de werken van beeldhouwers, schilders, en fotografen gratis bezichtigen. De ateliers zijn open van 11.00 tot 17.00. Tegelijkertijd vindt er een overzichtstentoonstelling van alle deelnemende kunstenaars plaats in de Larense Bibliotheek.
De locatie gerichte kunst die tijdens de route op straat te zien is vormt een speciaal onderdeel. In samenwerking met de Larense basisscholen en enkele kunstenaars heeft Barbara Kluiver dit project opgezet. De bedoeling is om voorbijgangers te verrassen met straatkunst. Hierbij vormt de locatie een wezenlijk onderdeel van het kunstwerk. De Larense scholieren zijn zeer enthousiast over deze vorm van kunst.

De brochure van de Atelierroute zal vanaf 1 april op de website te bekijken en te printen zijn. De plattegrond is op 16 en 17 mei ook te verkrijgen bij de ateliers en op de website. De ateliers zijn te herkennen aan de Larense blauwe vlag voor de deur. De route is te prima te lopen, maar er is ook de mogelijkheid om deze per fiets af te leggen. Er is een fietsverhuur - Bel Fietsen- op de Brink. Kosten zijn €8,00 per dag. Kinderzitjes zijn aanwezig. Tel: 035-53 89 645. De overige manieren van vervoer zijn gratis.

Nadere informatie is te vinden op de website
Voor de straatkunst kunst u informatie vragen bij Barbara Kluiver

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grand Palais Opens Exhibition of Paintings by Artists Fascinated by Optical Illusions and Visual Puzzles

Maurits Cornelis Escher, Concave et convexe, 1955. Lithographie, 33.5 x 27.5 cm. © M.C. Escher Foundation.
Grand Palais Opens Exhibition of Paintings by Artists Fascinated by Optical Illusions and Visual Puzzles

(Source ArtDaily)
PARIS.- Artists fascinated by optical illusions and keen to explore the limits of painting have long indulged in visual puzzles and changing perspectives. Playing on the ambiguity of double images, which change with the observer’s point of view, many painters have covered their tracks and introduced several meanings, often hidden, in images that can be read in multiple ways. They did so for fun, but also to give their works moral or symbolic meaning, or even religious, political or sexual connotations. Apart from Arcimboldo’s famous composite images or reversible portraits, and the inventions of Dali, the unchallenged grand master of ambiguous imagery, double images have often been dismissed as fortuitous creations, attributed to chance rather than conscious acts and deliberate decisions on the artist’s part. That is why the curators of this exhibition have focused exclusively on double images that have been consciously inserted and claimed by their creators. As the artists are not there to testify, their choice is based on circumstantial historical proof or presumptions. They aim to assemble 250 works, after a rigorous selection process. Surprising echoes and similarities between them will be accentuated by a circuit divided into major themes such as composite images, hidden and reversible images, anthropomorphic landscapes, anamorphoses and perspective illusions, erotic ambiguities and even Rorschach’s ink blot tests.

A special place is given to Dalí, past master in the art of formulating different scenarios, both enigmatic and unpredictable, within the same image. Incidentally, it was under the name of one of Dali’s famous canvases, The Endless Enigma (1938) that a first version of the exhibition was presented in 2003 at the Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf.

One image may hide another Arcimboldo – Dalí - Raetz National Galleries of the Grand Palais Une image peut en cacher une autre (In one image… another)

April 8 - July 6 2009
Les Galeries nationales du Grand Palais
In these visual encounters of another kind, discover the secrets concealed in paintings: "hidden images" haunt the works of artists from different periods and cultures, worked in either for fun or to deliver a moral, symbolic, religious, political or sexual message.
The exhibition presents a selection of 250 exemplary works that play on the seductive or mysterious power of composite, reversible and multiple images. From Arcimboldo to Dali, via more contemporary forms of expression, artists have for centuries deliberately created these double images. The exhibition, based on corroborated evidence and historically grounded assumptions, is organised around a number of major themes and offers visitors some fine surprises!

Virtual visit -Visite virtuelle Grand Palais (French and English) invites you into a new graphic and visual promenade through original pages, an interactive 3D tour of the building, videos and computer animations. Enjoy sharing the fascinating history of this outstanding building and keep abreast of the latest news.

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Between Art and Life: The Contemporary Painting and Sculpture Collection

Exhibition at the SFMOMA. Between Art and Life: The Contemporary Painting and Sculpture Collection

May 10, 2009 - January 03, 2010
SFMOMA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Presenting a diverse range of artworks made in the last four decades and highlighting the endeavors of many artists working today, Between Art and Life takes its title from a statement Robert Rauschenberg made in 1959 concerning the intersection of art and life. The exhibition reflects on the pluralistic landscape of contemporary art — one where artists investigate personal visions, both poetic and political, in relation to the world around them. Selected artists include Chris Johanson, Kerry James Marshall, Julie Mehretu, Ernesto Neto, Chris Ofili, Robert Rauschenberg, Matthew Ritchie, Zhang Huan, and Andrea Zittel.

Avant-gardes ’20 / ’60 - Hoogtepunten uit de collectie van het Stedelijk Museum

Tentoonstelling Avant-gardes ’20 / ’60
Hoogtepunten uit de collectie van het Stedelijk Museum

26 juni t/m 23 augustus 2009
Groot overzicht van de avant-gardes uit de jaren ‘20 en ‘60 van de vorige eeuw – twee scharnierpunten in de geschiedenis. In de jaren ´20 waren het late kubisme, het surrealisme, Bauhaus, De Stijl en het Russisch constructivisme een begrip. Veertig jaar later vonden belangrijke ontwikkelingen in Amerika plaats, waar stromingen ontstonden als pop art, minimal art en conceptual art. Amsterdam vervulde na de Tweede Wereldoorlog een brugfunctie: veel Amerikaanse kunstenaars kregen hier hun eerste tentoonstellingen.

World Beach Project

World Beach Project
Devised by artist Sue Lawty in association with the V&A, the World Beach Project is a global art project open to anybody, anywhere, of any age, building on the experience many of us have had on holiday of making patterns on beaches and shorelines.

What is the World Beach Project?
The World Beach Project is a global art project open to anybody, anywhere, of any age. Building on the experience many of us have of making patterns on beaches and shorelines, this project combines the simplicity of making patterns with stones with the complexities of shape, size, colour, tone, composition, similarity and difference.

World Beach Project Map

The Chinese Art Market Outlook 2009

The Chinese Art Market Outlook 2009

(Source Art Radar Asia, an Experts' Opinion)
Why there are opportunities in Chinese 90s-made art and Chinese photography and how Western museums are impacting this market are some of the topics in the interview between Anders Petterson, Founder and Managing Director of ArtTactic and Larry Warsh, Founder of AW Asia.

Buying opportunities - 90s art and photography

AP: Where do you see buying opportunities in the Chinese contemporary art market in the short and long-term?

LW: In the short term-the next 12 to 18 months-there will be good opportunities to buy works by top-tier artists in both painting and photography. By top-tier, I mean the 40 or so who have gained art-historical recognition, have been internationally exhibited, and are being acquired by museums in the West as well as Asia. Historical works by these individuals -the first generation of Chinese contemporary artists, from 1989 through early 2000s-are relatively scarce and will continue to gain value. The global downturn has yielded some attractive pricing, particularly in comparison to top contemporary artists in the West, creating smart buying opportunities. In fact, art funds focusing on Chinese contemporary art have been formed to take advantage of this moment. Museums are also acquiring for their collections.

Chinese contemporary photography is a buying opportunity. It’s still undervalued relative to painting, which was the focus for collectors for many years. Quality works will become increasingly scarce, particularly as China develops as a consumer society with its own collector base. The Chinese audience with disposable income is growing, and a consistent percentage of those people will become art advocates and collectors.

The Chinese economy may be slowing down, but it is not in a recession. China will remain among the world’s most attractive investment destinations, and art will continue to parallel this direction. The result is that Chinese contemporary art will weather this economic downturn and will come out as an even stronger player. Read Article...

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Exhibition "The Essential Packs "

Exhibition "The Essential Packs" in The Royal Gallery in Amsterdam, May 2009
De deelnemende kunstenaars zijn:
Jose Luis Couoh Puc :
Joao Pedro viegas:
en Biek Brans: (website 'under construction', wordt aan gewerkt!)

Deze expositie wordt georganiseerd door The Wishtree Foundation

Het idee achter de essential packs (vernoemd naar een gestolen lading van het MOMA / museum of modern art New York) is 3 authentieke stijlen van 3 authentieke academische kunstenaars te presenteren die museale kunst maken:

Jose Luis Couoh Puc: meester in impasta techniek (een van de weinige maya impressionisten) uit Mexico

Joao Pedro Viegas: een van de grootste talenten in contemporary art uit Portugal, onlangs een beurs gewonnen in Natal, Visual Arts institute, Brazil

Biek Brans: maakt met schilderijen als Moontorch en "everybody is a stranger somewhere" een ongekende nieuwe fictieve wereld in kunst, komt uit de omgeving van het landelijke Nuenen/Den Bosch.

Speciaal voor deze expositie: Jose Luis Couoh Puc has been cordially invited from Mexico to open the exhibition.

Art Amsterdam viert 25-jarig bestaan met 120 solo’s

Persbericht : Art Amsterdam viert 25-jarig bestaan met 120 solo’s
Unieke jubileumeditie (woensdag 13 t/m zondag 17 mei 2009)

19 januari 2009 - Alle galerieën op Art Amsterdam brengen een solo. Dat zijn in totaal 120 solopresentaties met werk van één kunstenaar, uniek op een hedendaags kunstevenement. Zo viert Art Amsterdam van woensdag 13 tot en met zondag 17 mei 2009 haar 25-jarige jubileum.
Op Art Amsterdam tonen 120 galerieën de laatste ontwikkelingen in de hedendaagse kunst, met schilderijen, foto’s, beelden, installaties en video’s. Onder de deelnemende galerieën is de complete top van de Nederlandse galeriewereld, naast 24 buitenlandse galerieën uit Duitsland, Engeland, België, Frankrijk, Denemarken, Oostenrijk, Zuid-Afrika en Korea.

Uniek: 120 solo’s
Directeur Anneke Oele van Art Amsterdam: “In dit bijzondere jaar, de 25e editie, heb ik gekozen voor dit unieke solo-concept, waarbij alle 120 galerieën op minstens 25 vierkante meter van hun stand het werk van één kunstenaar brengen. Solopresentaties geven namelijk een goed, breed beeld van het werk van één kunstenaar, en brengen tegelijk spanning en rust op de beursvloer. Dit resulteert in een prachtige tentoonstelling met 120 solo’s, dat is uniek in de kunstwereld.”
Zo brengt Galerie Willy Schoots maar liefst 100 vierkante meter werk van Armando, komt Artitled uit Berghem met een solo van Daniel & Geo Fuchs, en Koraalberg uit Antwerpen met Warre Mulder. Galerie Onrust brengt een solo van Peer Veneman, Kunsthandel Rueb komt met een installatie van wijlen Ritsaert ten Cate en Galerie Ferdinand van Dieten-dÉendt brengt de Marokkaanse Mounir Fatmi. Galerie Tanya Rumpff exposeert een solo van Jurriaan Molenaar, Galerie Majke Hüsstege komt met Rozemarijn Westerink, Galerie Helga Hofman met Marliz Frencken en de Duitse galerie Conrads met werk van Leo de Goede.

‘Off the record’ van Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam centrale expositie
Bij de jaarlijkse Gemeentelijke Kunstaankopen van het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam staat altijd een kunstdiscipline centraal. Dit jaar is dat fotografie, volgens een thema naar idee van gastcurator Hans Aarsman. Voor Off the record nodigde hij kunstenaars uit werk in te zenden dat gemaakt is vanuit de behoefte om iets vast te leggen, zonder direct een artistiek doel voor ogen. Een jury, onder voorzitterschap Aarsman, selecteerde de deelnemende kunstenaars uit meer dan 470 inzendingen. De geselecteerde werken (fotografie en video) worden getoond in de centrale tentoonstelling op Art Amsterdam. Tijdens Art Amsterdam maakt directeur Gijs van Tuyl bekend welke werken worden aangekocht voor de collectie van het Stedelijk Museum. Bij de tentoonstelling verschijnt een publicatie met een essay van Aarsman. De tentoonstelling wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door Accenture, partner van Art Amsterdam, en met financiële ondersteuning van de Gemeente Amsterdam.

Jubileumboek met 50 foto’s van Koos Breukel
In het kader van het 25-jarig bestaan van Art Amsterdam wordt een speciaal jubileumboek samengesteld en uitgegeven door Thieme Art. Aan de hand van 50 interviews met betrokkenen zoals galeriehouders, kunstenaars en verzamelaars schetsen Karel Ankerman en Wim van der Beek een beeld van de ontwikkeling van 25 jaar kunstbeurzen en Art Amsterdam in het bijzonder. Alle geïnterviewden worden geportretteerd door één van Nederlands bekendste portretfotografen: Koos Breukel.

‘Young and Collecting’ voor jonge, beginnende verzamelaars
Jonge, beginnende kunstverzamelaars staan dit jaar extra in de schijnwerpers: zij worden uitgenodigd voor ‘Young and Collecting’ op vrijdag 15 mei. Zeventig jongeren tussen 17 en 22 jaar worden bij het kopen van een kunstwerk voor de NOG-collectie van het SNS Reaalfonds deskundig begeleid door gerenommeerde kunstverzamelaars aan wie ze advies kunnen vragen over het fenomeen kunst verzamelen. Deze dag wordt mogelijk gemaakt door SNS Reaal Fonds en wordt georganiseerd in samenwerking met het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Tijdelijk Museum Amsterdam: parallelprogramma in de stad
Art Amsterdam 2009 is van woensdag 13 tot en met zondag 17 mei het kloppende hart van Tijdelijk Museum Amsterdam. Tijdens deze hedendaagse kunstweek in Amsterdam ontvangen alle bezoekers van Art Amsterdam een passe-partout waarmee ze in de week van de beurs gratis toegang hebben tot de vooraanstaande hedendaagse kunstinstituten die deelnemen, zoals het Stedelijk Museum CS, Foam_Fotografiemuseum, De Ateliers en Huis Marseille. Elk instituut organiseert tijdens Art Amsterdam een omringend programma of komt met een tijdelijke tentoonstelling of installatie.

Thieme Art Award voor meest veelbelovende jonge kunstenaar
De meest veelbelovende jonge kunstenaar ontvangt de Thieme Art Award. Deze prestigieuze prijs, voor de zevende keer beschikbaar gesteld door de Thieme Grafimedia Groep, bestaat uit het produceren van een full colour catalogus en een solotentoonstelling op Art Amsterdam.
De winnaar van vorig jaar, de kunstenaar Žilvinas Landzbergas, die vertegenwoordigd wordt door Galerie Fons Welters, presenteert zijn werk dit jaar in een solostand op de beursvloer.

Dagelijks gratis rondleidingen
Om een goed beeld te krijgen van het gevarieerde aanbod op Art Amsterdam is een rondleiding uitermate geschikt. De Mondriaan Stichting biedt in haar KunstKoop-stand rondleidingen over de beurs aan. Iedere bezoeker kan zich aanmelden voor zo’n gratis rondleiding van een deskundige, die in ongeveer een uur uiteenlopende hoogtepunten van de beurs belicht.
Alle actuele informatie is te vinden op Art Amsterdam 2009 is van woensdag 13 tot en met zondag 17 mei in Hal 8/Parkhal van Amsterdam RAI. Op woensdagmiddag 13 mei is er een preview voor pers en speciale genodigden. De beurs is op woensdagavond 13 mei voor het publiek open van 18 tot 22 uur; van donderdag 14 tot en met zondag 17 mei van 11 tot 19 uur, en op vrijdag 15 mei tot 21 uur. Op zaterdag 16 en zondag 17 mei is er professionele, gratis kinderopvang.
De toegangsprijs bedraagt € 20,- per persoon, houders van CJP/Pas 65 en studenten betalen
€ 10,-. Kinderen tot 12 jaar hebben, mits onder begeleiding, gratis toegang. De toegangsprijs vanaf
17 uur is € 10,-, behalve op woensdag 13 mei

25e Art Amsterdam geopend door Koningin Beatrix
De 25e Art Amsterdam wordt op woensdag 13 mei geopend door Hare Majesteit de Koningin. Zo viert hét evenement voor hedendaagse kunst haar 25-jarig jubileum in Amsterdam RAI. Tijdens deze officiële opening voor genodigden en pers overhandigt Armando het jubileumboek '25 jaar Art Amsterdam' met foto's van Koos Breukel aan Koningin Beatrix. Daarna maakt de Koningin een rondgang over de beurs, waarbij ze een aantal deelnemende galerieën en exposerende kunstenaars bezoekt.

Google Map Amsterdam RAI

Grotere kaart weergeven
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Rodchenko & Popova: Defining Constructivism at Tate Modern

Rodchenko & Popova: Defining Constructivism
12 February – 17 May 2009
Tate Modern 12 February – 17 May 2009

This exhibition explores work by two of Russia's most influential avant-garde artists, Alexander Rodchenko and Lyubov Popova. Charting their evolution from abstract painting to graphic designs, the show includes cinema and theatre poster designs, books and costumes as well as paintings and sculpture.

The Russian Revolution was accompanied by a remarkable period of artistic experiment known as Constructivism, which questioned the fundamental properties of art and asked what its place should be in a new society. The Constructivists challenged the idea of the work of art as a unique commodity, explored more collective ways of working, and looked at how they could contribute to everyday life through design, architecture, industrial production, theatre and film.

Liubov Popova (1889-1924) and Aleksandr Rodchenko (1891-1956) were pivotal figures in the debates and discussions that defined Constructivism. Rodchenko, whose wife Varvara Stepanova was a major artist in her own right, energetically embraced almost all of its manifestations, from advertising to photography and film. Popova's achievements in painting, theatre, and graphic and textile design took place in spite of ill health and tragedy: her husband died of typhoid in 1919, and she spent a year recuperating from the illness herself. In 1924 she and her son both died of scarlet fever.

The Bolshevik Revolution aimed to transform an entire civilisation, and artists were among the first to show their support. There was already a distinct strain of utopianism in the Russian avant-garde – a determination to reinvent art, as if from zero. Kasimir Malevich's abstract paintings freed art from what he called 'the dead weight of the real world'. Equally radical were Vladimir Tatlin's Counter-Reliefs, made by assembling real materials, such as wood, glass and metal into three-dimensional constructions.

Following these examples, the Constructivists rejected all ideas of illusory representation. Rodchenko focused on faktura, the physical qualities of the painting: the use of different paints and different textures, and how these related to other elements such as the painting surface, or the choice of colour. His experiments led to the 'Black on Black' series, in which the elimination of colour focused attention on the texture of the painting's surface, and its interaction with light. In these works, Stepanova wrote, 'nothing but painting exists'.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ellen de Groot & Koos van Keulen tentoonstelling in Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam

Ellen de Groot & Koos van Keulen tentoonstelling in Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam

Tentoonstelling 4 april tot en met 3 mei 2009.
De opening van de tentoonstelling van Ellen de Groot en Koos van Keulen is op zaterdag 4 april van 16 tot 18 uur. Bij Galerie Mokum op de Oudezijdsvoorburgwal 334, 1012 GM Amsterdam. Beide kunstenaars zijn aanwezig.

Website Ellen de Groot:

Museumweekend 2009 4 en 5 april

Museumweekend 2009 4 en 5 april

Het thema dit jaar is 'verleiden'
Op 4&5 april openen musea in heel Nederland gratis of met korting de deuren om u te verleiden binnen te komen.Het thema voor dit jaar is ‘Verleiden’. Dus laat u eens verleiden tot een kijkje in een museum bij u in de buurt.

Museumweekend 2009

Deelnemende Musea

Amsterdams Historisch Museum (AMSTERDAM,Noord-Holland)
Arboretum Oudenbosch, Stg. (OUDENBOSCH,Noord-Brabant)
Archeologisch Museum Haarlem (HAARLEM,Noord-Holland)
Armando Museum (A'foort in C) (AMERSFOORT,Utrecht)
AUDAX Textielmuseum Tilburg (TILBURG,Noord-Brabant)
Belasting & Douane Museum (ROTTERDAM,Zuid-Holland)
Bijbels Museum (AMSTERDAM,Noord-Holland)
Botanische Tuin De Kruidhof (BUITENPOST,Friesland)
Breda's Museum (BREDA,Noord-Brabant)
Cavaleriemuseum (AMERSFOORT,Utrecht)
Centraal Museum (UTRECHT,Utrecht)
Cobra Museum Amstelveen (AMSTELVEEN,Noord-Holland)
De Hallen Haarlem (HAARLEM,Noord-Holland)
'De Locht' Nat. Asperge- & Champignonmuseum (MELDERSLO,Limburg)
Diamant Museum Amsterdam (AMSTERDAM,Noord-Holland)
Dolhuys, Museum van de Psychiatrie (HAARLEM,Noord-Holland)
Erfgoed Delft e.o. (DELFT,Zuid-Holland)
Filmmuseum (AMSTERDAM,Noord-Holland)
Fries Scheepvaart Museum (SNEEK,Friesland)
Geldmuseum (UTRECHT,Utrecht)
Gemeentemuseum Het Land van Thorn (THORN,Limburg)
Groninger Museum (GRONINGEN,Groningen)
Het Vlaemsche Erfgoed (GROEDE,Zeeland)
Historisch Museum Vriezenveen (VRIEZENVEEN,Overijssel)
Historisch Openluchtmuseum Eindhoven (EINDHOVEN,Noord-Brabant)
Hortus botanicus Leiden (LEIDEN,Zuid-Holland)
Huis Marseille (AMSTERDAM,Noord-Holland)
Huygensmuseum Hofwijck (VOORBURG,Zuid-Holland)
Informatiecentrum Mar en Klif (OUDEMIRDUM,Friesland)
Landgoed Schovenhorst - Arboretum + Pinetum (PUTTEN,Gelderland)
Legermuseum (DELFT,Zuid-Holland)
Liemers Museum (ZEVENAAR,Gelderland)
Limburgs Museum (VENLO,Limburg)
Maritiem Museum Rotterdam (ROTTERDAM,Zuid-Holland)
Militaire Luchtvaart Museum (SOESTERBERG,Utrecht)
Museum Belvédère (HEERENVEEN,Friesland)
Museum Bevrijdende Vleugels (BEST,Noord-Brabant)
Museum Boerhaave (LEIDEN,Zuid-Holland)
Museum De Paviljoens (ALMERE,Flevoland)
Museum De Vier Ambachten (HULST,Zeeland)
Museum De Vier Quartieren (OIRSCHOT,Noord-Brabant)
Museum de Zwarte Tulp (LISSE,Zuid-Holland)
Museum Het Domein (SITTARD,Limburg)
Museum Joure (JOURE,Friesland)
Museum Kranenburgh (BERGEN,Noord-Holland)
Museum Meermanno (DEN HAAG,Zuid-Holland)
Museum Slot Loevestein (POEDEROIJEN,Gelderland)
Museum van de Twintigste Eeuw (HOORN,Noord-Holland)
Museum voor het Kruideniersbedrijf (UTRECHT,Utrecht)
Museum voor Naaldkunst (WINSCHOTEN,Groningen)
Museumboerderij Vreeburg (SCHAGEN,Noord-Holland)
Museummolen De Nieuwe Palmboom (SCHIEDAM,Zuid-Holland)
muZIEum, ervaringsmuseum over zien en niet-zien (NIJMEGEN,Gelderland)
NAi Maastricht (MAASTRICHT,Limburg)
Nationaal Bevrijdingsmuseum 1944-1945 (GROESBEEK,Gelderland)
Nationaal Glasmuseum/ Stichting Glas (LEERDAM,Zuid-Holland)
Nationaal Monument Kamp Vught (VUGHT,Noord-Brabant)
Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam (ROTTERDAM,Zuid-Holland)
Natuurmuseum Brabant (TILBURG,Noord-Brabant)
Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst (AMSTERDAM,Noord-Holland)
Nederlands Leder- en Schoenenmuseum (WAALWIJK,Noord-Brabant)
Nederlands Steendrukmuseum (VALKENSWAARD,Noord-Brabant)
Nieuw Land Erfgoedcentrum (LELYSTAD,Flevoland)
Noordbrabants Museum ('S-HERTOGENBOSCH,Noord-Brabant)
Oertijdmuseum De Groene Poort (BOXTEL,Noord-Brabant)
Oudheidkamer Weststellingwerf (WOLVEGA,Friesland)
Paleis Het Loo Nationaal Museum (APELDOORN,Gelderland)
Persmuseum (AMSTERDAM,Noord-Holland)
Pieter Vermeulen Museum, Stg. (DRIEHUIS,Noord-Holland)
Purmerends Museum (PURMEREND,Noord-Holland)
Rotterdams Radio Museum (ROTTERDAM,Zuid-Holland)
SCHUNCK-Glaspaleis (HEERLEN,Limburg)
science center NEMO (AMSTERDAM,Noord-Holland)
Slot Zeist (ZEIST,Utrecht)
SM's-Stedelijk Museum ('S-HERTOGENBOSCH,Noord-Brabant)
Speldjesmuseum Pin Art Gallery (KLAASWAAL,Zuid-Holland)
Spoorwegmuseum (UTRECHT,Utrecht)
Stadsmuseum IJsselstein (IJSSELSTEIN,Utrecht)
Stadsmuseum Leidschendam-Voorburg (Museum Swaensteyn) (VOORBURG,Zuid-Holland)
Stadsmuseum Woerden (WOERDEN,Utrecht)
Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer (ZOETERMEER,Zuid-Holland)
Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar (ALKMAAR,Noord-Holland)
Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal (LEIDEN,Zuid-Holland)
Stedelijk Museum Drenthe's Veste (COEVORDEN,Drenthe)
Stedelijk Museum Zwolle (ZWOLLE,Overijssel)
Stg. Stedelijk Museum Schiedam (SCHIEDAM,Zuid-Holland)
Stichting TwentseWelle (ENSCHEDE,Overijssel)
Streekhistorisch Centrum (STADSKANAAL,Groningen)
Streekmuseum Opsterlan (GORREDIJK,Friesland)
Streekmuseum Schippersbeurs, Stg. (ELSLOO (L),Limburg)
Streekmuseum 't Land van Peel en Maas (HELDEN,Limburg)
Streekmuseum voor de Krimpenerwaard (KRIMPEN A/D IJSSEL,Zuid-Holland)
Tassenmuseum Hendrikje (AMSTERDAM,Noord-Holland)
Teylers Museum (HAARLEM,Noord-Holland)
Thermenmuseum (HEERLEN,Limburg)
Tuinen Mien Ruys, Stg. (DEDEMSVAART,Overijssel)
Universiteitsmuseum Groningen (GRONINGEN,Groningen)
Vincent van GoghHuis (ZUNDERT,Noord-Brabant)
Volksbuurtmuseum Wijk C (UTRECHT,Utrecht)
Westfries Museum (HOORN,Limburg)
Zandvoorts Museum (ZANDVOORT,Noord-Holland)
Zeeuws maritiem muZEEum (VLISSINGEN,Zeeland)
Zeeuws Museum (MIDDELBURG,Zeeland)

Kuniyoshi in The Royal Academy of Arts

Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Sakata Kaidō-maru wrestles with a giant carp, 1837. Colour woodblock, ōban, 37.8 x 26 cm
Kuniyoshi in the Royal Academy. From the Arthur R. Miller Collection

21 Mar—7 Jun 2009
The Royal Academy of Arts presents an exhibition on one of the greatest Japanese print artists, Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861). Featuring over 150 works, the exhibition presents Kuniyoshi as a master of imaginative design. It reveals the graphic power and beauty of his prints across an unprecedented range of subjects highlighting his ingenious use of the triptych format.
The majority of the exhibition has been drawn from the outstanding collection of Professor Arthur R. Miller which has recently been donated to the American Friends of the British Museum. This is the first major exhibition in the United Kingdom on Utagawa Kuniyoshi since 1961.
Kuniyoshi was a major master of the ‘floating world’, or Ukiyo-e school of Japanese art, and, together with Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) and Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1864), dominated nineteenth century printmaking in Japan. Prolific and multitalented, Kuniyoshi considerably expanded the existing repertoire of the school, particularly with thousands of designs that brought vividly to life famous military exploits in Japan and China. Kuniyoshi developed an extraordinarily powerful and imaginative style in his prints, often spreading a scene dynamically across all three sheets of the traditional triptych format and linking the composition with one bold unifying element - a major artistic innovation.

Top social networking for visual art lovers and artists

Below is a list of the top ten social networking sites that cater specifically to people interested in visual art.

(Source ArtMarket Blog)
myartspace is an online community with more than 50,000 artists, collectors, students, teachers, gallerists, curators, critics and art appreciators across the world. myartspace is free and open to all. Members can create a profile of themselves and upload an unlimited quantity of their work including images, music, audio narration and video. is an exciting new social networking site for the artworld, creating a global forum for discussion, interactivity and debate. is a unique blend of editorial and community content, combining the insight and critical weight of some of today’s most important artworld voices with the input and opinions of everyday enthusiasts from around the world.
#artmesh is an inspiring and innovative network for those who live and love the fine arts. The difference to other art communities is the fact that - additionally to just showcasing artist’s work - #artmesh focuses on the interests of art lovers and art professionals as well.#artmesh is about communication and collaboration, about inspiration and the exploration of the boundless possibilities of a progressive and innovative virtual art-network., the #1 contemporary art network, launched in Los Angeles in February, 2007. It is a sophisticated website that brings a local and in-depth focus to the contemporary art scene. ArtSlant’s profiles put the spotlight on everyone in the art community. Artists, art professionals, art orgs, and art lovers can have their own showcase to exhibit their work, expose their business or talk about their involvement in the scene. In our community you will also find picks and reviews, jobs and opportunities, schools, blogs, and groups.
Artlog is the place for you to connect with folks, share your work and discover innovative new art & design. Artlog is for art makers, insiders, organizations and art lovers. This global community of art lovers, artists and industry insiders is only as vibrant as you make it. So follow interesting artists, make professional connections, post your work and let your voice be heard – “If you see something, say something!
Independent Collectors is an online tool targeted at modern and inquisitive collectors. It makes building a personal network and sharing information about topics like artists, galleries or events much easier and faster. In their personal profiles, collectors can talk about art preferences and present their own collection. Specific search functions help to find like-minded collectors or those living in the same area.
The artselector contemporary fine art collective was originally set up by MA Fine Art graduates of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art. artselector offers an innovative visual directory of international contemporary fine artists, independent curators and galleries
Rhizome’s community includes thousands of artists, academics, curators, critics, and other new media art enthusiasts. Profiles is a collection of community profiles that contains artist portfolios, blogs, biographies, and other details on each individual member. Profiles was developed in the hope of sparking connections and collaborations across regional or cultural boundaries and strengthening the new media art scene as a whole.
We work with and for artists, arts and culture organisations and networks, cultural professionals and audiences in the 50 countries of Europe, as well as providing a platform for cultural cooperation between Europe and the rest of the world. Our mission is both to ensure that all those working on cultural collaboration have access to up-to-the-minute information and to encourage the cultural sector to become more experimental with online technologies.
ArtBistro brings members of the visual art community together to network, advance careers, and to foster a community with exclusive benefits where information about artists and designers is provided by artists and designers.

The Kaleidoscopic Eye in the Mori Art Museum

The Mori Art Museum will present The Kaleidoscopic Eye: Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Collection from Saturday, April 4, to Sunday, July 5, 2009. The exhibition is realized as a collaboration between Mori Art Museum and Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary.

The Kaleidoscopic Eye investigates the question of how to define “what’s real”, which has preoccupied philosophy, science, religion and the arts for the longest time. Reality, in everyday usage, means "the state of things as they actually exist”, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. On a more subjective level, investigations into reality activate private experiences, curiosity, inquiry and interpretation, but also reflections on void, nothingness and emptiness on the part of the inquiring subject.
Light, color, sound, language, concept and communication: Contemporary art is much more than just a visual medium. For this exhibition, the Mori Art Museum joins with Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (T-B A21), a Vienna-based foundation, drawing on their renowned collection to present a selection of art, including dynamic installation, that stimulates the senses in myriad ways.
The artists represented in the exhibition have a unique and original take on human perception and consciousness. Enveloped in their worlds, viewers are made to feel that their very facilities of perception are being questioned, and that everything they have taken for granted is suddenly thrown into doubt. How do we decide what is real? What is this world we inhabit? Contemporary art presents a kaleidoscope of answers to these most fundamental of questions.

DURATION: April 4 - July 5, 2009
LOCATION: Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary founded in 2002 by Francesca von Habsburg, daughter of the Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza (the founder of the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid), is committed to supporting the production of contemporary art, actively commissioning and collecting unconventional projects that defy traditional disciplinary boundaries. The more than 450 pieces in its collection include paintings, photographs, installations, and video works. Support is given to the production of art in a variety of formats, including projects that are architectural, site-specific, or performative, keeping the collection firmly in touch with the ever-diversifying languages of contemporary art.